The Linnenbank Law Office is located in Navasota, Grimes County, Texas. For 25 years my primary courts were Fort Bend and Harris County and I still practice there. Since moving to Navasota my practice now includes Grimes, Brazos, Washington, Madison, Huntsville, Austin, Waller, Montgomery and Burleson Counties and some others. We have clients that come from all areas of Southeast and Central Texas. We specialize in Family Law, including Probate and Criminal Law. Wes Linnenbank has been in solo practice since 1993.  

We want to be your counselor as well as your advocate. The litigation approach taken by Wes Linnenbank is based on his experience in the courts of Texas. Our first attempt will be to try to reach a settlement that will be in our clients best interest. We pride ourselves in being able to gage what a court is likely to rule before we waste your money in costly litigation. This will often give you the best results in the least expensive way possible. We will advise you what we think the likely outcome would be if the case were tried. We do not want to waste your money asking for things that are not likely to be granted. If we can agree, it will save you time and money, but we will not compromise your rights.  

We believe this is especially important in family law cases. An amicable settlement will help to allow a healthier relationship to survive the divorce. This will help both parents to raise healthier, happier children. If we cannot reach an agreement, we will attempt to mediate. As a final alternative, we will go to trial and fight like hell for you and your children.

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